Sunday, November 17, 2013

Autumn Thoughts

1. The mist soaks through my boots
Presumably through osmosis
And it creeps into my bones
Where my soul lives

2. I hear the tip pitter tap patter
Of dry leaves brushing gravel
But it is my black beauty
Clattering on dog claws

3. The season is palpable
In the warm cold air
In the glowing face of the full moon
In the glimmer in my partner's eyes

According to, tonight the full moon is in Taurus, allowing us to clearly see the beauty in things. Maybe it's just because I read about it this morning, but this has definitely been true for me today. At BJ's, Elijah became engrossed watching this giant mechanical nutcracker "play" a little drum. Usually that would creep me out something fierce; I hate animated inanimate objects. Today I was able to see it through a child's eyes, fascinating and wonderful. When I was driving home I saw beauty in a MOST unexpected place. You know how there's that part of your mind that thinks thoughts before the rest of your mind has the chance to catch up and be rational? That part of my mind thought, "What a lovely stained glass window!" before the rest of my mind caught up and said, "That's the Burger King sign as seen through the branches of a tree, Captain Oblivious." I felt really stupid at first and a bit miffed by being taken by surprise by such a mundane, even disliked, object. But then I realized it's just like God. Beauty, like God, is in every thing, even things we don't like. Because we have the "second thoughts" the "observer," who places limits on our unfiltered perception, we are so often unable to see it but there It is regardless.

Have you found God, Beauty, or any other wonderful thing in life in an unexpected way?