Sunday, November 27, 2016

The New Age Movement's Fatal Failing

Look, I need to address my fellow members of the New Age community. I BEG you to please read and consider the following.
There is a terrible tendency in our community to give people weak platitudes in the face of real adversity. When you tell someone that changing their mind will change their life, that might be perfectly true but, as with everything, "results vary". Most of you are privileged white people, such as myself. When you go on about how you can attract abundance with the power of your mind, you know what you're forgetting? EVERYONE has that power and is constantly doing so, whether or not they realize it. So when you say that to someone suffering under systemic oppression, they're going to spit in your eye and brush it off as bullshit because they have the power of millions of minds and people with material power working against their own mind and minimal material power. The primary failing of contemporary New Age thought is its basis in white privilege. You people need to get on the streets and connect with people who aren't as lucky as you are. Because frankly, it's a disgrace to the ROOTS of the New Age movement to engage in your cheap aphorisms when the New Age movement was rooted in social justice and radicalism. The idea was to CREATE A NEW WORLD and what I see now is people living in their own little worlds, with very little awareness of what's going on around them. ENGAGE with people who don't live or think like you, LEARN from them. And for God's sake, stop shaming people for their mindsets and conditions by telling them they've created their illness, or poverty, or depression, or whatever their struggle is. This is the number one thing preventing the New Age, the New Agers themselves and their nasty attitudes about people they believe just think wrong. It's disgusting. This is why everyone hates you, and why I have largely abandoned the community for chaotes and black magic practitioners, because these people live on the ground level, understand realities, and don't go around judging people from their high horse of privilege.
This is related to the self-indulgence I've seen promoted in the New Age community in the last five years. You know what the path of light is supposed to be about? Sacrifice. So when you post memes that talk about not wasting your energy on people who do nothing in return for you because you have to "cut negative attachments" and "help yourself so you can help others", that's self-serving, it isn't the path of light. Don't call yourself a lightworker if you're only willing to shine in the presence of equal or greater radiance.
 Furthermore, if you were all that powerful and able to "attract abundance" with your mind alone, you wouldn't need to charge and arm and a fucking leg for your services, pricing out the people who REALLY need your services and workshops. ARE, I'm looking at you. You've abandoned the people who really need you and claim you've done it so you can continue the mission you've basically abandoned. Cayce offered free readings to the people who needed them, you charge obscene prices for conferences that aren't even that great. And don't get me started on the outright abuse of your employees. It's a disgrace. This is why I've almost totally disengaged from the ARE. You people are unrepentant and actively discourage young people from involvement because you know we'll CONVICT you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


My friend just last night shared her experience invoking Hecate and "shedding her skin". Today I was transferring some files and came across a trance-writing from an experience I had invoking dark mothers, Kali Ma, Inanna, and Baba Yaga. I've kept this private for almost a year now (12/26/15) but the synchronicity has encouraged me to share. What she shared was even more intimate.

Thinking of skin against skin I cant breathe again is there even a me or am I just a mirror with delusions of individuality the dark mother calls me and I can't even answer because I am empty fill me ma fill me na fill me ya I have no one else to be manaya will be my name and I will build myself from pain. I am a shadow a shadow a shadow empty insubstantial and nonselfforming help me darkness embrace me so I can be a self ma na ya ma na ya ma na ya dark ladies let me share your death bleach my bones and make me ma na ya even this prayer an echo of the face that shattered the mirror I am an emanation of an emanation and there is no truth in me bleach these bones kill the lie everything I never was must die only in nothing did I ever find me but nothings just another shadow. Can I be anything but a shadow? I want to be I want to exude from within I want to be free from the emanation from the reflection I want to be more than a reaction. Ma na ya kill me so I can exist its the only way I know to truly be.