Thursday, September 26, 2013

Small Miracles

You may remember from my first blog that I experienced a small miracle in BJ's, regarding telepathic Virgil's soda. Well, I had another BJ's miracle today. It was a series of small miracles, actually. The first miracle was the arrival of our rewards card. (When you're a rewards member they send you a card every 6 months with a value of 2% of however much you spent there in the preceding 6 months.) This was a miracle because I have 4 cents in my bank account and had coupons for some items I couldn't afford that would expire before Eoin was able to give me my weekly allotment again. So I very carefully selected the items to make sure it didn't exceed the amount on my card. When I got to the register I owed 65 cents. Luckily, I had 65 cents handy. But I thought to myself, "That's not right at all. I calculated carefully, there should be like $10 left on that card." Well, I realized JUST BEFORE I left the store that I hadn't given the cashier my coupons! So I ran over to the customer service desk. I approached nervously because I didn't know if they would give me the refund like they normally do since I had paid with my rewards card. But she did! Why is that a miracle you ask? Because I really didn't need the $10 for BJ's, I needed it to pay for my unwise ebay purchase of three Stark Trek magazines! (I bid before I knew I only had four cents in my account.) If I hadn't made that stupid mistake I would be stuck needing $10 cash, with $10 plastic I can't spend! It's even enough for another small purchase I've been setting myself up to make before October 1st! This reinforces a very important lesson: When you think you've done something stupid or you think something bad or inconvenient has happened, it is just Spirit shuffling things around to be more beneficial to you. It's up to you to recognize it and take advantage of the opportunity.

I also experienced a sort of bait and switch miracle. Over the course of this little shopping adventure I got a call from a friend, saying her mom's cat had attacked a squirrel and she needed the address of the wildlife rehab center I used when my dog tried to eat a turtle (we named him Crunchy). I have no idea what their address or phone number is, or even what they're called! But the miraculous part is that, although we're usually at least an hour apart, I just happened to be only one minute from her at the time AND I was with our mutual friend who hasn't seen her in a long time. So I told her I'd come scoop her up and show her where the vet is. I thought that was the miraculous part. But I found out the real miracle as I was leaving the store... The squirrel, who had been acting quite poorly off, up and ran away, perky as you please! Goddess bless the little baby and keep him safe from cats and all manner of harm! Hopefully it was a learning experience for him!

So, the miracles continue... On my way home I was thinking, "Boy, I really need some extra money. Where am I going to get extra money? My birthday already happened and Christmas isn't for months!" When I got home I had a message from a friend who wants a Tarot reading tomorrow night! This reinforces the important lesson: God provides!!! And another important lesson: Building bridges rather than burning them will always bring you to the greenest pastures!

Another beautiful little bit just happened as well. I was chatting with a friend about my schedule naturally reverting to "nocturnal" and at the moment I typed "nocturnal" I heard an owl hoot! I've never heard an owl hooting at my house before, but it chose that exact moment to do so. No, I wasn't imagining it; he continued to hoot after that. This reinforces the lesson: Synchronicity is always happening. Spirit is always trying to give you reminders that She is ever present!

All in all it was a beautiful day! Losing my bracelet somehow is a perfectly acceptable payment for all the little miracles I've experienced. (I'm pretty sure I flushed it down my friend's toilet! Haha! Hope it doesn't screw up her plumbing!) [Update: I found the bracelet the next time I chilled with that friend! The weird part? I found it at my house, under the baby's changing table. Which means it fell off before I even left the house to go see her. Even though my friend's mom swears she saw me wearing it, she even described it to me. Tell me how THAT makes any sense in the mundane, linear world we all think we live in!]

I hope you all have days as providential as mine! Have you experienced any small (or large!) miracles recently? Share them with us in the comments!