Saturday, May 10, 2014

Winter and Prayer for the Modern Mystic

Today I'm offering a special two for one poetry deal! Because, well, they're both rather short and I would feel a bit cheap otherwise.


Bleakly barren branches bite boldly at blue sky.
I love the image this evokes. Just think of this and it will keep you cool over the next few months, I promise. =)


Prayer for the Modern Mystic
Peace to the East. Bless our beginnings. May Reason bring us to the Truth.
Peace to the South. Bless our ideas. May Creativity bring us to the Truth.
Peace to the West. Bless our endings. May Love bring us to the Truth.
Peace to the North. Bless our work. May Patience bring us to the Truth.
Peace of God in all. Bless the made and unmade. May we manifest the Truth.

Popped in my head driving home from Ty's tonight. Trying to learn how to balance the Pagan and Christian aspects of myself, so I think that's why. Also, been thinking in the broader context of creating a philosophy people of all religions, creeds, and backgrounds can agree on. That's the key to the future.

And three years later I am still on that journey of trying to find a place where we can all agree, which I why you're reading this blog right now. The way I see it, God is not limited, why should our conception and praise of God be limited? There will never ever be a time when all humans are exactly the same, so all the religious (and other) intolerant extremists are fighting a losing battle. The only hope for humanity is to find our common ground. To love one another as God loves us.