Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cleansing Unwanted Energies

I recently realized that a large part of the spiritual counseling I do is helping people design custom rituals and affirmative prayer plans, so I decided to make it official and changed all my professional profiles to reflect that aspect of my work. The majority of the work I do in that field is related to cleansing of unwanted energies. In giving this sort of counsel to a friend tonight, I realized it could make for an informative blog installation, since it seems to be a common issue. Because I've been doing readings all day, I'm sort of expended for now and need to recharge for a while, so I hope you'll forgive me for just copy/pasting what I wrote to my friend with only minimal editing. Hopefully I can come back and refine it later.
It [the appropriate method of cleansing] depends on the situation. You can be as simple or complex as you want, from just walking widdershins around your house with some sage to lemons, pennies, sage, sandalwood, dragon's blood, salt, and invocation of Archangel Michael (I could go on). Are you just doing spring cleaning? Are you trying to clean out the energy of a specific person? Are you trying to get rid of a troublesome entity? One of my specialties as a spiritual counselor is ritual design and affirmative prayer. If you'd like me to design a custom ritual,  PM me with further details. However, my basic "get rid of the bad vibes" routine is to start in the East and walk around to North (as opposed to ordering out the bad by walking widdershins, I sort of just push it out with the good by walking deosil -I skip a step by condensing them together. It's essential with any energy work that you mindfully replace any energy banished or expended), finishing in Center, calling in the helpful qualities of each element as I go along. I simultaneously do a visualization of all the unwanted energy (which I see as black tar) flowing down out of the environment, into a ball which I see as penetrated by blue light from above (cosmic energies) and green light from below (earth energies), transmuting the energy while I tell it "Go do something useful!" There are lots of variations of that basic idea, different people see it differently depending on what symbols work for them (we all have our own symbolic dictionary). You can cleanse yourself before or after, they both have merit. I tend to do both. The one before, I do a chakra cleansing meditation and grounding; the one after, I sage myself and do the same visualization of myself as I did with the environment. Then close chakras, wrapping self in a protective layer of energy, unless there is further work to be done, in which case do that after all work is completed, stopping to recharge whenever necessary.