Friday, June 13, 2014

Kind, Gentle, Humble Joy

Get ready to have an enormous laugh at my expense.I had great misgivings about this song when I wrote it (especially that second verse ::groan::) and I have even greater misgivings now. But, in the interests of full disclosure and a complete record, I share it now with you here. I hope you appreciate the depth of my courage submitting myself to the scorn of the entire interwebz. To make the humiliation complete, I have included an incredibly low quality voice recording of myself singing this in a gloriously horrible country accent along with a picture of a lovely hillside on my computer screen because, frankly, I'm not fit to be seen right now. Bonus! It wasn't included in the original blog post!


So I must forewarn ya'll that I totally let myself be myself on this one. It is really silly and mixes bad jokes in bad taste with the kind of stuff you might think of as poetry, but whimsical... Well, I might be the only one in the Universe who thinks it's cute but I had a lot of fun writing it so I think maybe someone will have fun reading it.
Oh, also, the rhythm might not be immediately apparent. I would suggest reading it once and then saying it aloud. Because that's what you're supposed to do with poetry anyway. And honestly, I think some of the lines are really fun to say!
Oh, and it's kind of like a song, but it doesn't have any music yet. I picture (a sound picture, obviously, not the kind you see) it with bluegrass. Buckets and banjos. Yeah man.
Here goes:

Did you ever tumble
In the humble mountain sunshine
And let the grass
Tickle your --
While you were loafing
On kind hillsides?

(I did! I do!
It fills my heart
With mountain dew!)

Did you ever snuggle
On a cold and gentle Yuletide
And see love personified
Gathered around the fireside
In a blanket-bearing huddle?

(I did! I do!
It fills my heart
With mountain dew!)

Did you ever swim the sea?
Pick a flower?
Offend a bee?
Did you ever fuel your life
On simple things like these?

(I did! I do!
It fills my heart
With mountain dew!
I did! I do!
It fills my heart
With mountain dew!)

I did
I do
I think that you
Should try it too

Yeah, I'm crazy and have the lamest sense of humor ever. So be it. I have fun. Maybe you have fun making fun of me, that's cool too. What ever smokes your dope, man. Oh wait, that's not how that saying goes...

Let the flogging begin.