Sunday, August 24, 2014

Meet Your Reader

I just took a leap of faith into what I find to be a very scary lake... I recorded a video. I know, I know, so does everyone else on the planet these days, thanks to social media. But I am SO camera shy! There's a reason the only time I've performed has been as a basically anonymous member of a chorus. Anyway, the video was so people considering my Tarot services could get to know me and the process a little better. Eventually I thought, "Y'know, it might be a good idea to post this on my blog too." My blog and my Tarot practice are supposed to be companions to each other, after all, not stand-alone projects. Someone who stumbles on my blog here is just as likely to be interested as someone who stumbles on my Facebook page. At the end of the video I give my contact info, including this web address. Since you obviously already have that, do me a favor: In your mind's eye, replace that web address with the one for my professional Facebook page,

Don't make fun of the Swami Lisa look! I live in the swamp and it's hot here! (I forgot to turn the AC back down this morning. It was on 85)

FYI, I don't know why Google is suddenly using my blog to advertise. Don't click the blue double underlined links. I didn't post them, I don't condone them, I get no kickbacks from them, I don't know why they're there all of a sudden.