Friday, September 12, 2014

Ask Your Reader and Being Stuck

The title of this post harkens back to my last post, Meet Your Reader. Now that you know me, I hope you'll feel more comfortable coming to me with whatever is on your mind/heart/spirit. Much like my last post, this one is very uncomfortable for me to write because it hints at that which is exemplified by having a blog at all: Arrogance. See, in order to write a blog you first must assume you have something to say that is worth reading. Today I'm suggesting that I might even have something helpful to say. A lot of people come to me for advice, and not just in my capacity as a Tarot reader. A couple people have even said I'm their conscience. Sounds arrogant, doesn't it? Hey, they said it, not me! So, in a move of supreme arrogance I'm introducing a new feature to the blog, a sort of advice column. In our area there is a neighborhood where trendy, young hipsters hang out called Ghent. There is a Facebook page called Ghent Confessions to which people write in their confessions anonymously using Then other people proceed to say all kinds of horrible things to the confessor. I thought that so many of these people want help but all they get on Ghent Confessions is hate. Wouldn't it be nice for people to submit these things to someone who would actually want to help them?! So, I've launched the Bridge Tarot service. At least until I figure out how to add it more permanently to my site, I'll be adding that link to every new blog post. Remember, this is for normal advice or questions about something you think I might have special knowledge about like mythology, shamanism, affirmative prayer, etc. If I don't have a complete enough answer for you I will do my best to put you in contact with a better source. If you would like a Tarot reading, please contact me through a private message via Gmail or Facebook. Now, without further ado, the conversation that gave me the inspiration for this new service. I thought it would be helpful to leave this in dialogue, since that is the most natural mode for the human mind to exchange information. This is a reproduction of a text message conversation, with the permission of the other person, who will remain anonymous. We will call this person Blue, in honor of the Doctor Who episode I watched last night. Anything in [brackets] is added for explication and flavor.

[I see a post on Facebook that makes me concerned for "Blue". I text.]

Me: You ok?
Blue: Yeah, just discouraged. I feel like things aren't getting any better or more resolved. : /
Me: Two things have recently given me this message: Sometimes the best thing to do is just wait. Waiting can be necessary and helpful. When things feel stuck there is a lesson waiting to be learned in order to move on to the next level. [Frequently, when I am supposed to be learning something, a friend will come to me with a similar issue so we can learn it together and help each other.]
Blue: But what's the line? At what point does waiting go from being patient to being ineffectual?
Me: It's not about being patient but rather about being present.
Blue: Can you explain this concept of being present, and in what context?
Me. The waiting exists for a reason. It has a cause. It has a solution. It has a lesson. The solution is learning the lesson. The lesson is related to the cause. Better?
Blue: I think so, O vague mystic...
Me [because my sense of humor was surgically removed at birth]: Mysticism is necessarily vague. The Divine can't be expressed in language. Only in experience.
Blue: Goethe said we should speak less and, like nature, draw more. Create sketches.
Me [oblivious to what Blue just said because I'm typing frantically]: Basically whatever situation you're stuck in, you're stuck in for a reason. When you figure out what is causing the stagnation you will have learned something. Like a doctor discovering a new illness. Once you recognize the pathogen you can develop a cure [I'm no biologist, so don't fault me if this is technically incorrect in some inconvenient fashion.] This, of course, happens on both a literal cause and effect level and on the spiritual level of the soul contract you wrote for yourself.
Me [finally catching up with what Blue has said]: I was never very good at the visual arts.
Blue: Trust me, I've been wracking my brain over it like crazy. Soul contract? I'm so lost.
Me: Soul contract is the agreement your soul makes with itself and others before incarnating. Like your Higher Self's plan for your life. Try wracking your heart and intuition rather than your head if that bit isn't working.
Blue: I will.

[And then we talked about other, tangentially related things until I said "Must sleep now. Eyes closing. Resistance futile." and was out cold.]

Have you been feeling like you've been stuck in the same place and same issues recently? According to the shamans over at The Power Path, the astrological forecast for Spetember is change, change, CHANGE! I've definitely been getting this message over and over since the beginning of the month! So hang in there, you should be finding yourself on the move again soon; although, this part might be even less comfortable, depending on your self and circumstance. But remember, there is always a lesson and a higher purpose in what you're going through and how difficult it is for you relies, in great part, on how you choose to react to it. Blessed Be!