Monday, September 29, 2014

Nature's Wisdom for a Beautiful Life

Today I'm featuring a guest post from my friend Fatima Sissoko. She originally posted this on Facebook and it was so beautiful and true, I just knew it belonged here! For more from Fatima, please visit her blog Charmed and Strangerous.

Naturally, Human Nurture
Whenever I hear people discussing and lamenting over how people change, I like to remind myself that humans can always learn from Nature, whence we came and where we will return after our stint here on Earth.
When people grow cold and indifferent and their long record of loyalty and commitment grow shorter like autumn days, remember that vegetation copes with the colder months by shedding their superficial layers.
Remember that underneath is a network of roots and support systems that keep the plant alive. Then so must you, finding those people who are willing to keep you alive during your hardships, who are willing to act as your hearth when others are chilled towards you.
There are some people, though, that seem dormant, static, unresponsive, but all they need are the right conditions to bloom and to thrive. Some people are born hardy but only bloom when they have enough of the right resources to nourish their beauty. They are waiting for their morning chill to give over to new springs of life.
And when you find dead parts about you, parts that may be holding you back or, perhaps, even killing you slowly, remind yourself to prune those parts of you in order to see more growth in your future. Worry less about the loss of the living and focus more on unloading the burden of dead weight, so that you don’t break yourself under the pressure.
Remember that there is no sadness coded in the cycles of Life. Be reassured that what goes around will surely come back around to remind you that love, happiness, pain, beauty, and death are all the same word for human nature because to be human is to mimic creation in all its forms, including the first frosts that signal the onset of closing chapters.
And lastly, remember that which we miss and those who we cherish are demonstrated in our abilities to survive icy, winter storms. To fashion better stories we first have to live to tell our tales.

Usually I would write something pithy and poignant here but I simply can't follow Miss Sissoko's wonderful words. Bravo, Tima, and encore!

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