Thursday, September 25, 2014

True Love

Just a thought before I drift off to Dreamland...

I just got back from the Yami Bolo show. He sang a song which goes, in part, "Jah Jah give me true love. I need not search no more." I really don't know if he said this or not, because I don't believe he generally does, but at one point I heard "Jah Jah teach me true love." And I think, yes, that IS the point. Receiving God's perfect love teaches us how to give that same love to others.


A note on the video: It was the only vid of this song I could find using the Blogger link embed feature. Usually doesn't sound quite like this. I'm betting it's because he's apparently playing with a recording here. Tonight he was playing with a live band and they were hot like fire! (Pictured above, at top.) If you follow the link by clicking the word "song" in the third sentence it SHOULD take you to a better version. For some reason it comes up as a totally different video when I try to embed it.

As always, a warning not to click the uninvited links.